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    Virtual Machine Image API - Include OS disk size info

    Virtual Machine Image API reference: Image API reference: returned objects from the virtual machine images API do not include information of the image size on the OS disk, whereas the API for managed images do include this information. This prevents the possibility of creating a solution to verify whether a potential deployment of a VM has appropriately sized disks or not based on the selected marketplace image, while this capability is present if the deployment is using a managed image. I don't see why there shouldn't have feature parity in this regard between the two API namespaces, given how closely related they seem.

    query VMSS instance properties in Azure Resource Graph Explorer

    Please expose the individual VMSS instance properties in Azure Resource Graph Explorer. I can generate reports with name, private IP, and so on for the virtualmachines resource type but for VMSS I am only able to see the VMSS resource itself, no instance properties. Azure Resource Graph Explorer is far superior to PowerShell/CLI for building reports quickly on resources across subscriptions, regions, etc.

    good i like it

    thanks azure student. i like it. i still discover what the others content in azure. but so far, i like it. thanks :)

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