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    Mirror Pricing Calculator Defaults with Service Defaults

    When using the pricing calculator the defaults are not the same as the defaults in the actual service, this could cause confusion and overpricing. For example the storage account redundancy in the calculator is LRS when creating a new Storage account the default is actually RA-GRS, this could be more than 8 times the cost per GB of storage.

    check how much nodes there are actually in an aks cluster before applying scale up/scale down.

    When using scale up/scale down of nodes on azure it often does not work because of errors thrown by draining. This requires manual deletion of the node using kubectl. However, azure does not notice a node got deleted so continues to claim there are for example 2 nodes instead of 1. When then applying scale down to 1 node it does not check the amount of nodes in the k8s cluster but just blindly deletes the only node still existing in the cluster. This means Azure is now claiming there is 1 node instead of the 0 reported by kubectl.

    please stop asking credit card and accept net banking, cheques, cash and all other payment options

    please start accepting all the payment options we do not use credit cards for our business.. due to your credit card condition users are not able to use your service.

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