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New Azure Monitor Agent and Data Collection Rules capabilities released in public preview

Published date: December 09, 2020

Azure Monitor has introduced a new concept for configuring data collection and a new, unified agent for Azure Monitor in public preview. This new agent (Azure Monitor Agent, or AMA) and the Data Collection Rules (or DCR) improve on a few key areas of data collection from VMs including like better control and scoping of data collection (e.g. collect from a subset of VMs for a single workspace), collect once and send to both Log Analytics and Azure Monitor Metrics, send to multiple workspaces (multi-homing for Linux), improved Windows event filtering, and improved extension management.

Several key capabilities have recently been released and added to the ongoing preview for Azure Monitor Agent.

  • Support for Azure Arc server (Windows and Linux) - AMA now supports collecting data from on-premises Windows and Linux servers with Arc 1.0 (or above) installed. This is supported both via the portal UI as well as ARM templates. Learn more.
  • Support for VMSS - AMA now supports collecting data from Virtual Machine Scale Sets; this is not yet available on the portal UI but is supported via templates and other programmatic means. Learn more.
  • Installation via ARM templates - AMA can now be configured using ARM templates and associated to existing DCRs via DCRA templates (also available). Learn more.

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