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Cognitive Services Speech US Gov Resource GUID Change

Published date: July 23, 2019

Effective September 2, 2019, the Resource GUIDs (also known as Meter IDs) of Custom Speech endpoint hosting in Speech Services for US Gov region will change.

There won't be a pricing impact from this change, but you will need to modify billing routines that rely on Resource GUIDs.

See the table below for the impacted resource GUIDs.

New Resource GUID

Service Name

Service Type

Resource Name

Region Name

New Direct Unit of Measure

New EA Unit of Measure

EA Portal Name (Product name)

New Material Description

Old Resource GUID

Old Direct Unit of Measure

Old EA Unit of Measure

Old Material Description


Cognitive Services


Custom Speech Model Hosting Unit

US Gov



Speech - Custom Speech Model Hosting Units - US Gov

Az Speech-Custom Speech Model Hosting Units-100/Hr-US G




Az Speech-Custom Speech Model Hosting Units-1/Day-US G

  • Azure AI services
  • Services

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