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Azure Remote Rendering is now generally available

Published date: March 02, 2021

Azure Remote Rendering (ARR) leverages the power of the Azure cloud to render high quality, interactive 3D content and streams it your devices in real time. With ARR, users can interact and collaborate with 3D content in amazing detai. Developers can enable the highest quality 3D content visualization and interactive mixed reality experiences.

With Standard ARR, you can build applications to view 3D models of up to 20 million polygons. With Premium ARR, you can view models of over a billion polygons in full detail without decimation.  

We’ve expanded the availability of Remote Rendering to 10 regions including Australia East, East US 2, Japan East, North Europe, South Central US, and UK South, East US, West US 2, West Europe, and Southeast Asia.

During preview, mixed reality solution developers including Bentley Systems, HoloLab, Inc, BIM Holoview, and Theorem Solutions leveraged Remote Rendering. With it, they enable immersive remote inspections, onsite data visualizations, and collaborative 3D design reviews. 

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