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Azure IoT Central—April 2020 updates

Published date: May 14, 2020

Create device dialog refinements

The Create a new device dialog has been redesigned to make it easier to understand what’s needed when you add a new device. The dialog now has simplified UI, clearer call-to-action, and links to documentation. This update addresses customer feedback that the existing experience was non-intuitive and often resulted in the accidental creation of unassociated devices.

Application provisioning improvements

Provision your devices faster and have them ready to send data more quickly with the improved IoT Central application provisioning workflow. Create an application from one of the industry-focused application templates to experience this directly.

Jobs enhancements

The updated jobs experience in IoT Central now supports re-running a job with failed devices, and has the ability to execute multiple jobs in parallel. This includes filtering capabilities for the list of jobs and device list for a running job.

Updated webhook actions in rules

Newly created webhook actions in IoT Central rules have a new payload format that matches the IoT Central public API. This format change affects all newly created webhook actions, while existing webhook actions remain on the old format. For more information, see Create webhook actions on rules in Azure IoT Central.

Device developer documentation improvements

We've updated the Create and connect a client application tutorials to provide additional guidance on device connectivity concepts such as command handling and implementing device properties. This tutorial adds more information about the message payloads and how they relate to the device template. We also added a Python version of this tutorial.

We've also updated our guidance around versioning device template to clarify how older devices can continue to work with a schema version they understand, while newer or updated devices use a later schema version.

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