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Application Insights availability troubleshooting report for URL tests

Published date: February 17, 2021

A common challenge for app developers, site reliability engineers (SREs), and DevOps engineers is that a synthetic availability test could fail while the application is still functioning perfectly. It can be extremely frustrating to identify if the root cause of the failure was due to your application or network issues. 

The new troubleshooting report for URL webtests has 9 individual steps to detect exactly where a network problem occurred that caused a failed web test.  

It can be accessed through the portal by  selecting a test result from the scatter plot or Drill Into section. Each dependency will have an individual troubleshooting report attached. 

If a step fails, then it will appear at the top of the availability result to give you instant insight into where the problem might be. If no step fails, then the troubleshooting report will be closed by default. 

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