SQL Database - Breakthrough business continuity and disaster recovery administration

2014년 10월 27일 월요일

Geo-replication: We've now introduced in the Azure Preview portal a highly visual and breakthrough way to configure and manage business continuity and disaster recovery in Azure SQL Database.  You can now configure and manage Standard and Active Geo-Replication directly on an interactive map control, which also provides live replication status feedback.  Configuring a geo-replicated secondary to protect a database from a datacenter disaster or to provide load balancing for read workloads is now as simple as clicking a map.  This breakthrough experience further drives near-zero administration experiences for IT and application developers.  
Geo-replication Configure Geo-Replication
Self-service point-in-time restore and restoring deleted databases: Basic, Standard, and Premium databases are protected by automatic backups that are retained for 7, 14, and 35 days respectively. This release now enables support for Point in Time Restore for live databases and restoring deleted databases in the Azure Preview portal. These "oops" recovery features allow you to recover from accidental data corruption or deletion quickly and easily. Restoring a live database is done from the database blade.  Opening the restore blade lets you pick the point in time you want to restore to. Point in Time Restore creates a new database alongside your existing database. Restoring a deleted database can be done from the deleted databases on the server blade at any point during the retention period.  You can navigate to the server blade by clicking the server icon in the summary control on the database blade of another database on the same server, or by browsing the list of servers: Browse > Everything > SQL Servers.  Restoring a deleted database creates a new database in the same state as the original at the point it was deleted. Learn more about Azure SQL Database backup and restore.    

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