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New capabilities introduced for disk pool (public preview) for Azure VMware Solution

Published date: November 02, 2021

New capabilities are introduced in Disk Pool (preview) to enable Disk storage as the persistent storage for Azure VMware Solution. Disk Storage integration with Azure VMware Solution combines the power of familiar VMware technology running on Azure, with efficient Azure Disk Storage. Disk Pool enables Azure VMware Solution to access Disk storage by surfacing an Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) endpoint for disks. You can add new or existing disks to disk pool and expose them as datastores in Azure VMware Solution. Today, we are introducing new capabilities to disk pool across availability, cost-effectiveness, and end-to-end integration:

  • Improved availability of disk pool with an enhancement to the underlying iSCSI infrastructure to a Highly Availably architecture with dual controller support
  • Addition of Azure Standard SSDs as a supported disk offering for a more cost-effective option for Disaster Recovery scenarios
  • Updates to the pricing model to a service-based pricing model. Currently, customers are being billed for the managed resources deployed to support disk pool. With this new pricing model, customers will be charged an hourly service fee, which is based on the performance tier selected (Basic, Standard, Premium SKUs). The pricing model change will be effective on December 1, 2021.
  • End-to-end portal experience for connecting a disk pool to Azure VMware Solution clusters and managing underlying storage

Read the documentation to learn more about disk pool.

Learn how to attach disk pools to Azure VMware Solution hosts.

Read the Azure disk pools (preview) planning guide.

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