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General availability: Lustre® HSM tools now available to import from or export to Azure Storage.

Published date: April 12, 2021

Lustre® HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) provides the capability to associate a Lustre file system with an external storage system and migrate file data between them.

Now available are the File System Hydrator and Copy Tool, which enables integrating a Lustre file system with an Azure storage account. 

The file system hydrator is used to import a file system namespace from an Azure storage account into a Lustre file system with the imported files left in the ‘released’/’exist’ state. The copy tool is used to hydrate the content of the files in the storage account into the Lustre file system on-demand. The copy tool can also be used to archive content of files back into the storage account, including changed or added files.

To learn more on how to build the tools for your environment, visit the GitHub pages for File System Hydrator and Copy Tool.

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