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General availability: Lower capacity reservation tier for Azure Monitor dedicated clusters

Published date: August 04, 2021

We have lowered the minimum capacity reservation required for Azure Monitor dedicated clusters to 500 GB per day to allow those of you with lower ingestion volume to leverage advanced features like customer-managed key, lockbox, and infrastructure encryption. Previous minimum capacity reservation requirement was 1,000 GB per day and might have been a barrier if you had lower daily ingestion.

If you committed for 1000 GB per day but ingest less volume in practice, you can update the capacity reservation in cluster to 500 GB and save cost.

Why do we have minimum capacity reservation for dedicated cluster? When you provision dedicated cluster resource, a managed Azure Data Explorer cluster (ADX) is provisioned in backend to support your ingestion and queries for linked workspaces. Azure Data Explorer cluster is an expensive resource and it’s billed at provisioning time regardless usage.

Dedicated cluster enables the following:

  • Customer-managed Keys – Encrypt data using a key that you control
  • Lockbox – Allow you control access to your data by Microsoft support engineers
  • Double encryption protects against a scenario where one of the encryption algorithms or keys is compromised. In this case, the additional layer of encryption continues to protect your data.
  • Cost –Up to 30% discount can be applied to all linked workspaces
  • Query performance – Improved cross workspace query running on the same cluster

Learn more about Dedicated Clusters.

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