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General availability: JBoss EAP on App Service Clustering

Published date: August 03, 2023

The JBoss EAP on App Service clustering feature is now generally available on Azure. With it, JBoss EAP automatically starts as a clustered service, improving efficiency for high availability applications. Plus, Azure App Service now supports auto-scaling for JBoss EAP. You can easily adjust cluster size based on service load or other criteria, streamlining code deployment, scaling, and configuration updates. This update simplifies the use of Red Hat solutions on the cloud and offers flexibility for cloud cost planning. It's a testament to Red Hat and Microsoft's commitment to Java, giving you more choices for your cloud-based Java applications. Access JBoss EAP directly via the Azure console or deploy on Azure VMs through the Azure Marketplace. Leverage the power of JBoss EAP on Azure App Service today.

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