General availability: Azure Redis Cache Premium tier

2015년 11월 12일 목요일

The Azure Redis Cache Premium tier includes all the Standard tier features and more, such as improved performance, bigger workloads, data persistence, and enhanced network security. Effective December 1, 2015, the Premium tier will be generally available. During this time, as part of a special promotion, you will be receiving Standard-tier pricing using Standard-tier meters. Effective January 1, 2016, you will be charged Premium-tier pricing using new Premium-tier meters. In addition to the change in pricing, the Premium meters will have new GUIDs, and any current reporting dependencies will need to incorporate the new mapping.
Product GUID for existing Standard meters GUID for new Premium meters (effective December 1, 2015)
Azure Redis Cache Standard C3 (Hours) e36c98f8-8de4-4323-a576-7a41898e87b3 Premium P1 (Hours) 283f166f-fa2b-4466-aaca-e77b730e70c5
Azure Redis Cache Standard C4 (Hours) 4e38119e-b416-4bc5-992c-95120a689104 Premium P2 (Hours) 42fb7fdb-e89f-49d4-854b-aad60b7e8c93
Azure Redis Cache Standard C5 (Hours) 923dd535-29fa-41b9-a505-2eccc1e54d07 Premium P3 (Hours) 8b9422d3-7c2d-4a16-8732-91eb7d1abdd7
Azure Redis Cache Standard C6 (Hours) d8f22317-5495-4365-898d-96ca9e69f54d Premium P4 (Hours) 2e7e68c6-6ee8-4c78-bb27-551240cf729b

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