New Azure Data Catalog capabilities

2017년 5월 24일 수요일

Recent updates have added new capabilities to Azure Data Catalog:

Data sources

  • Support for ODBC data sources. You can register and discover ODBC databases, tables, and views by using the Data Catalog data source registration tool.
  • Support for PostgreSQL data sources. You can register and discover PostgreSQL databases, tables, and views.
  • Support for FTP data sources. You can register and discover FTP files and directories.
  • Support for advanced settings in the Data Catalog data source registration tool. You can specify command timeout values when registering large data sources.

Portal features

  • Support for editing ODBC connection information in the Data Catalog portal. Data asset owners and Data Catalog administrators can now edit the connection information for registered ODBC data sources without needing to re-register the data sources.
  • Support for clickable URLs in business glossary definitions and descriptions. When URLs are included in the description and definition properties for business glossary terms, the URLs appear as hyperlinks in the Data Catalog portal.
  • Support for displaying expert names in addition to expert email addresses. When you're viewing experts in the properties for a data asset in the Data Catalog portal, the expert’s full name from Azure Active Directory appears in the tooltip.
  • Support for using Azure Active Directory security groups for Data Catalog administrators.

Region availability

  • You can now provision Data Catalog in the West Central US region, in addition to East US, West US, West Europe, Australia East, North Europe, and Southeast Asia. For more information, see Azure regions.

Developer sample

  • A new developer sample is available for the bulk importing of business glossary terms. The Glossary Bulk Import sample is available on the Data Catalog developer samples page.

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