Customizable retry policies in logic apps

2015년 7월 27일 월요일

Logic apps are a great way to talk to many services, but sometimes those services may encounter an error. Logic apps have a built-in retry policy, and now you can customize how frequently and how many times these retries happen. There are two new properties:
  • Interval. How close together or far apart you want each retry for your action (minimum of 20 seconds).
  • Count. How many times you want to retry (up to four times).
You can find these write retry policies in the Code View. The full documentation is on MSDN. We have also focused on major performance improvements. The engine can run five HTTP actions in under a second. (Actual performance will depend on how the endpoints that you call into behave.) Another feature we added is the ability to format the outputs of the addseconds, addminutes, addhours, and adddays functions, with any of the date formats supported on MSDN. In the Azure portal, we have made it easier than ever to get started by using the logic app templates. When you have an empty logic app, you're now presented with the full list of all of the different types of templates. With one click, you can start using any of them: LogicTemplatesInDesigner Finally, a number of issues have been corrected, including:
  • You could go to the Authorize menu item only once, and subsequent attempts to reauthorize would fail. Additionally, if a card encountered an error, reauthorization would be impossible.
  • Load more was showing up on the Trigger History blade, even when there were no trigger entries.
  • Manually running a logic app would cause an error on the Trigger blade when you tried to get details.
  • Discard would not remove all changes if a card was waiting for authorization.

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