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Community support for Azure Functions Proxies will end on 30 September 2025

Published date: December 02, 2022

Azure API Management is Microsoft’s solution to securely create and manage modern APIs at scale. It also provides advanced tools for building and maintaining APIs such as OpenAPI integration, rate limiting and exhaustive policy support. 

Azure Functions Proxies are a very limited subset of these capabilities that will no longer be invested in to avoid duplication of functionality. Azure Functions Proxies will continue to remain in maintenance mode until 30 September 2025 after which they will no longer be supported.

To enable seamless upgrade of Function applications to runtime V4.x, we will be adding Proxy support back in Functions runtime V4.x by October 2022. However, migrating away from Proxies is strongly recommended.

Recommended Action:

Please review the migration guidance and transition to Azure API Management as soon as possible to be on the recommended and long term supported path.

If you have questions, get answers from community experts in Microsoft Q&A.

If you have challenges migrating from Proxies or if Azure API Management does not address your scenarios, please create issues on the Azure Functions github repository and tag them with the label ‘proxy-deprecation’.

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