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Classic VM retirement: extending retirement date to September 1st 2023

Published date: January 23, 2023

Microsoft is providing an extended migration period for your IaaS VMs from Azure Service Manager to Azure Resource Manager. Please complete the migration by 1 September 2023.
To avoid service disruption, plan and migrate your IaaS VMs from Azure Service Manager to Resource Manager 1 September 2023. There are multiple steps to this transition, so we recommend that you plan your migration promptly to avoid potential system interruption. Due to the extended period for the migration we won't provide any extension beyond 1 September 2023.

Resources available for migration

  • Microsoft Q&A: Microsoft and community support.
  • Contact our dedicated Azure Migration Support team for technical assistance. Customers without technical support can use the free support capability provided specifically for this migration.
  • Take advantage of Microsoft FastTrack, which can assist eligible customers with migration planning and execution. Check your eligibility for the Data Center Migration solution and submit your nomination.

Learn more about this retirement and additional resources available to you.

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