Azure Data Catalog support for relationships and related data assets

2017년 8월 17일 목요일

Recent updates have added new capabilities to Azure Data Catalog to deliver support for relationships between registered data assets, and discovering related data assets in the Data Catalog portal.
New capabilities include:
  • Extraction of relationship metadata from SQL Server (including Azure SQL Database), Oracle, and MySQL data sources when using the Data Catalog data source registration tool.
  • Discovery of related data assets when viewing asset metadata in the Data Catalog portal.
  • Operations to define, discover, and manage relationships between data assets by using the Data Catalog REST API.
For details, see How to view related data assets in Azure Data Catalog.
In addition to these service capabilities, the Data Catalog team has published a developer API sample that demonstrates how to use the Data Catalog REST API to add relationships to the catalog. For details, see Publish relationship information to data catalog.

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