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Clearer choice of CLI: Azure CLI 2.0 for Resource Manager

Published date: November 29, 2017

Starting in December 2017, Azure CLI 2.0 will become the primary CLI tool for managing Azure Resource Manager–based resources. Azure CLI 1.0 will continue to be the tool for managing Azure Service Management (ASM)–based ("classic") resources—that is, commands accessed via azure config mode asm. This change will provide clarity on which tool to use for which purpose.

Soon, if you try to switch Azure CLI 1.0 to Resource Manager mode, you'll receive the following info message:

Info message in Azure CLI 1.0 using ARM mode

In addition, help (-h) for Resource Manager commands will include this message. Starting in July 2018, this will become a warning message, and the default mode for a new installation of Azure CLI 1.0 will be ASM. Eventually, Azure CLI 1.0 will support only ASM-based resources.

If you still use Azure CLI 1.0 scripts to manage Resource Manager–based resources, you should migrate them to Azure CLI 2.0 by using the migration guide. If you need help migrating a script, or if you have concerns about the migration, you can reach out to us on our public Slack channel.

Azure CLI 1.0 and 2.0 are both open-source tools. We invite you to file issues or contribute at:

  • SDK and Tools