Azure Analysis Services available in Central US

2018년 2월 15일 목요일

Azure Analysis Services is now available in Central US. For the full list of regions for Analysis Services, visit the Azure products by region page.  

The success of any modern data-driven organization requires that information is available at the fingertips of every business user, not just IT professionals and data scientists, to guide their day-to-day decisions. Self-service BI tools have made huge strides in making data accessible to business users. But business users might not have the expertise or the time to find the right sources of data, import the raw data, transform it into the right shape, and add business logic and metrics before they can derive insights.

Azure Analysis Services became generally available in April 2017. With Analysis Services, a BI professional can create a semantic model over the raw data and share it with business users. Business users can then connect to the model from any BI tool and immediately explore the data to gain insights. Analysis Services uses a highly optimized in-memory engine to provide fast responses to user queries.

New to Azure Analysis Services? Find out how you can try Analysis Services or learn how to create your first data model.


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Visual Studio

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