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Public preview: Azure NetApp Files volume enhancement – allow the same file path for volumes in different availability zones

Published date: March 05, 2024

With this enhancement, Azure NetApp Files now allows the use of the same volume mount path for two or more volumes in the same region if they are each in a different availability zone. This is great for highly available architectures using cross-zone replication that would benefit from using the same mount path for both the source and target volumes. Having a common mount path for the source and target volumes eases automation and reduces manual effort during the failover of disaster recovery events which could lead to reduced recovery time objectives and improved application and data availability. This enhancement can also be used with regular volumes not participating in cross-zone replication. This could be useful for scenarios involving host-based replication or for test/dev environments that need to have consistent mount paths. This volume enhancement applies to SMB, NFS, and dual-protocol volumes.

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