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Generally available: Service tags support for user-defined routing

Published date: April 11, 2022

Specify a service tag as the address prefix parameter in a user-defined route for your route table. You can choose from tags representing over 70 Microsoft and Azure services to simplify and consolidate route creation and maintenance. With this release, using service tags in routing scenarios for containers is also supported.

User-defined routes with service tags will update automatically to include any changes that services make to their list of IPs and endpoints. You will no longer need to manually update routes using the Service Tag and IP range data from the weekly downloadable JSON file.

Instead of creating several routes per route table to configure routing for multiple Microsoft and Azure services, each of which can contain dozens or hundreds of prefixes, one route with a service tag condenses all the ranges for that service. As a result, this feature can reduce the likelihood of hitting the routes-per-table limit of 400.

  • For example, the AzureCloud service tag includes more than 4,500 prefixes, which represent the Azure address space; one route containing the AzureCloud service tag will effectively route traffic intended for any of these AzureCloud prefixes through the desired next hop type.

This feature is available through Azure Portal, REST, PowerShell, CLI, and can be used in ARM templates.

Learn more here.

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