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Data Factory SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) migration accelerators are now generally available

Published date: July 21, 2020

Rehost your SSIS packages to the cloud faster with the Azure Data Factory suite of features that fully support the SSIS Package Deployment Model and accelerate and unblock SSIS migrations. 

  • Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime package stores as a package management layer on top of the file system, Azure Files, and SQL Server database (MSDB) hosted by Azure SQL Managed Instance.  Learn more
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance agent orchestrates and schedules the executions of packages stored in file system, Azure Files, and Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime package stores. Learn more
  • SSIS Job Migration Wizard  converts SQL Server agent jobs for SSIS package executions into Azure Data Factory pipelines, activities, and triggers. Learn more
  • Azure-enabled dtexec (AzureDTExec) command line utility  can be used to invoke SSIS package executions using third-party orchestrators and schedulers. Learn more
  • Azure Monitor integration  makes SSIS operational metrics and logs available for interactive analysis and advanced queries on Azure Metrics Explorer, Azure Monitor Logs, and for presentation on Azure Dashboard, along with near-real-time alerting. Learn more.

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