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Azure Monitor Logs archive provides up to 12 years of retention

Published date: November 08, 2023

Over a year ago, Azure Monitor Logs launched a log archive solution that retains logs for up to seven years at a reduced cost. This capability is valuable for many customers with regulations that require them to retain data for long periods. Since the archive capability was launched, we’ve seen constant growth in the number of customers taking advantage of log archiving and an increase in the time customers choose to retain their archived data.

We’ve also seen demand from many customers who need an archive solution for longer periods, beyond the supported seven years. Some examples are tax authorities and healthcare regulations in some countries, which require data retention for 10 to 12 years. 

After deep technical discussions and evaluations, we are happy to announce that we’ve extended the supported retention period, and Azure Monitor Logs now supports up to 12 years of data retention.

To learn more about Azure Monitor Logs archive, please see Data retention and archive in Azure Monitor Logs

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