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Azure Functions Premium plan is now generally available

Published date: November 04, 2019

At Ignite 2019, we’re announcing the general availably of the Azure Functions Premium plan. It allows enterprises to leverage in production scenarios fast, serverless scale while retaining the network isolation and consistent performance of a dedicated hosting plan.

The Premium plan allows serverless developers the ability to run Functions without cold start by pre-warming instances, setting minimum and maximum scale values to ensure you always have enough capacity on hand and never overpower the dependencies your apps call, and configuring your instance size up to an EP3 instance with four D series cores and 12gb of memory.

For a rundown of functionality, and an overview of the Premium plan, head on over to our documentation

The following capabilities are new in GA:

  • Enhanced Regional Virtual Networking support, now with support for Hybrid Connections (learn more about our virtual networking support here)
  • Longer maximum execution time – up to 60 minutes
  • Higher scale out – up to 100 instances in select regions
  • Deployment slots are now supported in this hosting plan
  • Wider regional availability
  • Support for Python and Linux OS hosting

Make feature requests and interact with the product team on our GitHub repo

Learn how to get started with the Azure Functions Premium plan

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