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Azure Blueprints—NIST SP 800-53 R4 blueprint release is now live

Published date: September 04, 2019

A series of blueprint samples built in to Azure are now available to help you manage your compliance obligations when hosting your environments in  Azure.. The most recent release is the NIST SP 800-53 R4 blueprint that maps a core set of Azure Policy definitions to specific NIST SP 800-53 R4 controls. For US government entities and others with compliance requirements based on NIST SP 800-53, this blueprint helps you proactively manage and monitor compliance of your Azure environments. Using Azure Policy, it provides governance guardrails to help you assess specific NIST SP 800-53 R4 controls, and it enables you to use a core set of policies for any Azure-deployed architecture that must implement these controls.

NIST SP 800-53 R4 control mappings provide related details on policies and on how they address various NIST SP 800-53 R4 controls. When assigned to an architecture, resources are evaluated by Azure Policy for non-compliance.

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