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Deliver the right experiences and content with Cognitive Services Personalizer

Personalizing content is a complex, dynamic problem where labor-intensive machine learning workflows and costly A/B testing fail to catch up to the nuances of user’s behavior. How do the pros, like XBox One, approach this? In this session we’ll show how businesses can use the new Cognitive Services Personalizer to improve business outcomes and user experience by letting it learn directly from user’s behavior. Personalizer (public preview) makes applied enterprise use of reinforcement learning. It enables full learning loop that runs at digital speed and learns from a simple reward score that optimizes towards your business’s goals. In this session we’ll show you how Personalizer works with your content and data, how it autonomously learns to make optimal decisions, how you can add it to your app with two lines of code, and how to understand what’s under the hood. We’ll share results Personalizer achieved on the Xbox One home page and practices you can use to apply it in your applications today.