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Connected Medical Products - Regulated Cloud Offerings
At a time when only few called it the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), Zühlke Engineering was already at the forefront of
technological developments. As one of the first providers to deliver complete end-to-end IoT solutions to industry,
we have learned to master the challenges of real-world IoT applications across a wide range of verticals, ranging
from industry users to consumer products:
• Low-energy embedded electronics and software
• Connectivity from near field communicaton (NFC) to Bluetooth and long-range radio
• Cloud architectures for different use cases, from telemetry to end-user app
• Mobile phone and web application development for intuitive and secure data access
• Data analytics to leverage the vast amounts of IoT data
An important component of our IoT offerings since 2014 is a cloud backend that can be easily adjusted to benefit
our customers’ needs.

Cloud Solutions for the medical
and the pharmaceutical industries
In 2016 we recognised the pharmaceutical and medical industry’s need to consider digital strategies for a wide
range of applications. These are:
• Data gathering for patient stratification
• Delivering personal medication plans
We have therefore developed solutions that match the strict requirements for patient safety, privacy and overall
data security.


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