Storage, Backup & Recovery

New disk support capabilities in Azure Storage Explorer

mercredi 25 septembre 2019

The release of Storage Explorer 1.10.0 brings many exciting updates and new features that we hope can help you be more productive and efficient when working with your Azure Storage Accounts. If you’ve never used Storage Explorer before, make sure to head to our product page, and download it for your favorite operating system.

Program Manager, Visual Studio

Introducing cost-effective increment snapshots of Azure managed disks in preview

mardi 24 septembre 2019

The preview of incremental snapshots of Azure managed disks is now available. Incremental snapshots are a cost-effective point-in-time backup of managed disks. Unlike current snapshots, which are billed for the full size, incremental snapshots are billed for the delta changes to disks since the last snapshot.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Managed Disks

Le stockage redondant interzone désormais disponible pour le niveau Premium d’Azure Files

mercredi 18 septembre 2019

Aujourd’hui, nous allons aborder la disponibilité générale du stockage redondant interzone (ZRS) pour le niveau Premium d’Azure Files. Le niveau Premium d’Azure Files avec réplication ZRS permet d’offrir des services de fichiers hautement performants et hautement disponibles qui s’appuient sur des disques SSD (Solid-State Drive).

Principal Program Manager, Azure Files