Machine Learning

How Azure Machine Learning enables PowerPoint Designer

jeudi 26 mars 2020

PowerPoint Designer is one of the everyday AI capabilities in Office 365, enabling users to be more productive and unlock greater value from PowerPoint. It applies AI technologies and machine learning (ML) based techniques to suggest high-quality professional slide designs. Content on slides such as images, text, and tables are analyzed by Designer and formatted based on professionally-designed templates for enhanced effectiveness and visual appeal.

Partner Group Program Manager, AI Platform Management

Azure Machine Learning – Le ML pour tous les niveaux de compétence

mardi 5 novembre 2019

Les entreprises d’aujourd’hui adoptent rapidement l’intelligence artificielle pour garder une longueur d’avance sur la concurrence, innover, améliorer l’expérience client et augmenter leurs revenus. Les applications d’intelligence artificielle et d’apprentissage automatique ouvrent une nouvelle ère de transformation dans différents domaines, des compétences à l’échelle, en passant par l’efficacité, les opérations et la gouvernance.

Group Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Automated machine learning and MLOps with Azure Machine Learning

lundi 28 octobre 2019

Azure Machine Learning is the center for all things machine learning on Azure, be it creating new models, deploying models, managing a model repository and/or automating the entire CI/CD pipeline for machine learning. We recently made some amazing announcements on Azure Machine Learning, and in this post, I’m taking a closer look at two of the most compelling capabilities that your business should consider while choosing the machine learning platform.

Technical Product Manager

Microsoft makes it easier to build popular language representation model BERT at large scale

mercredi 17 juillet 2019

Today we are announcing the open sourcing of our recipe to pre-train BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) built by the Bing team, including code that works on Azure Machine Learning, so that customers can unlock the power of training custom versions of BERT-large models for their organization. This will enable developers and data scientists to build their own general-purpose language representation beyond BERT.

Group Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Using natural language processing to manage healthcare records

mardi 25 juin 2019

The next time you see your physician, consider the times you fill in a paper form. It may seem trivial, but the information could be crucial to making a better diagnosis. Now consider the other forms of healthcare data that permeate your life—and that of your doctor, nurses, and the clinicians working to keep patients thriving.

Principal Healthcare Program Manager, Industry Experiences