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Azure SQL Database elastic pools provide a simple cost effective solution for managing the performance of multiple databases with unpredictable usage patterns. New price-performance choices for elastic pools provide even more cost effectiveness and greater scale than before.

More cost effectiveness
Now available are smaller elastic pool sizes and pools with higher database limits. These new choices lower the starting price for pools, lower the effective cost per database, and reduce price jumps between pool sizes.

Greater scale
Also, now available are larger sizes for Basic, Standard, and Premium pools, and higher eDTU limits per database for Premium pools. These new choices provide more storage and eDTU headroom for greater scale and the most demanding workloads.


More pool eDTU sizes
  • New sizes range from 50 eDTUs for Basic and Standard pools up to 4000 eDTUs for Premium pools with additional sizing choices in between.
More storage for Standard pools
  • Up to 2.9 TB for 3000 eDTU Standard pools.
Higher database limits per pool
  • Up to 500 databases for Basic and Standard pools of at least 200 eDTUs.
  • Up to 100 databases for Premium pools of at least 250 eDTUs.
Higher eDTU limits per database for Premium pools
  • Max eDTUs per database increase to 1750 eDTUs (P11 level) and 4000 eDTUs (P15 level) for the largest Premium pools.

Learn more

To learn more about SQL Database elastic pools and these new choices, please visit the SQL Database elastic pool webpage.  And for pricing information, please visit the SQL Database pricing webpage.

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