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New DocumentDB articles help you find samples for the most common tasks

To make the most common DocumentDB tasks more discoverable to developers, we’ve created two new articles.

To make the most common DocumentDB tasks more discoverable to developers, we’ve created two new articles on azure.microsoft.com.

DocumentDB .NET samples
DocumentDB Node.js samples

These new articles group the most common DocumentDB programming tasks by resource (database, collection, document and user) or feature area (indexing, partitioning, geospatial, query and server-side programming), then list the most common tasks for each.

For each task, you’ll find a link to the portion of our .NET or Node.js code sample that completes the task with the line/s highlighted in our GitHub sample. This way you can see the task completed in the context of a complete solution, which of course you can clone or download and run locally. For each task, you’re also given the link to the associated API reference page.

The following image illustrates the format for each new article. The left column contains links to the line/s in the GitHub sample and the right column contains links to the associated API reference page. Click the image to go to the new articles.The most common DocumentDB database tasks with links to samples and API reference.

Note: All of our azure.microsoft.com documentation and all of our samples are open-sourced on GitHub. We invite you to contribute! To make changes to the documentation, click the Edit on GitHub link at the top of each page or go directly to the azure-content repo on GitHub.


If you're new to DocumentDB, bookmark the sample pages and step through the samples in a debugger to get familiar with the capabilities of the service.

If you already use DocumentDB, watch the azure-documentdb-dotnet and azure-documentdb-node repos for new functionality and how to use it in code. Let us know if you have any feedback on the page or samples in the comments section.

As always, if you have questions or feedback about DocumentDB, please reach out to us on the developer forums on stack overflow or schedule a 1:1 chat with the DocumentDB engineering team.

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