Extracting insights from multiple data sources is a new goal for manufacturers. Industrial IoT (IIoT) data is the starting point for new solutions, with the potential for giving manufacturers a competitive edge. But tracking data is often relegated to more than one solution—and each solution is created to solve a different problem. Therefore, most manufacturers use three or more separate solutions to track KPIs connected with production, including: monitoring, maintenance, quality management, and energy monitoring systems. This means higher costs and lower efficiencies. And, given the disconnected states of these apps, there is no way to see the entire picture of operations. Altizon is working to solve this problem with a suite of three offerings. Altizon is helping manufacturers integrate all data in their systems and enable them to make data-driven decisions.

Disconnected data

These systems contain vast and vital kinds of information, but they run in silos. This data is rarely correlated and exchanged. How did this situation arise, and what are the consequences?

  • Operational technology (OT) and IT systems are developed with different goals in mind and for different users within the organization. Therefore, most organizational data stays in silos.
  • Data is often entered into these systems by hand. This means the data is prone to error. And with a manual process, it’s impossible to get real-time insights from the data.
  • When data is trapped in silos, management can’t track critical KPIs. How can you make a data-driven decision without all the data?
  • The lack of historical and contextual data—and the inability to process data in a timely fashion—makes it difficult to predict machine behavior or quality.

Connect the dots, and see the real picture

With this problem in mind, Altizon has created the Datonis Suite. This is a complete industrial IoT solution for manufacturers to leverage their existing data sources.

A graphic showing critical manufacturing stages where the software provides connections and insights. These include productivity, quality, traceability, maintenance, and energy.

The Datonis Suite provides a set of ready-to-go business value applications, enterprise integrations, and “Data services for operational intelligence”—all of which drive better outcomes. The suite includes:

  • Datonis IIoT Platform accelerates IT/OT integrations by connecting diverse industrial assets and launching new applications over a hybrid infrastructure. The infrastructure is created with edge computing, advanced in-stream analytics, an application development framework, and deep learning capabilities.
  • Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence (MInt) provides a set of business value applications. These showcase an integrated plant view (of productivity, quality, maintenance, traceability, health, and safety).
  • Datonis Edge includes built-in support for connectivity protocols, edge computing, rules, notifications, machine learning, and custom plugins.


The connections between disparate data brings many benefits, including:

  • A 360-degree view of all plant and floor data—informed by data science and machine learning
  • Correlation between benchmark reporting to business intelligence and sharing of this data/intelligence into enterprise systems
  • Visibility into real-time plant and floor operations to make data-driven decisions
  • Easy deployment to deliver a fast return on investment
  • Ready-to-scale architecture

Azure services used by the Datonis Suite

The solutions in the Datonis Suite are hosted on Azure, and employ:

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