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Client tooling updates for Azure SQL Database

Updated client tools let you explore and utilize Azure SQL Database in a high-productivity familiar environment.

With the announcement of the preview of the Latest Version of Azure SQL Database, we’re excited to announce that we’ve updated the support within our primary client-based tools. SQL Server 2014 Management Studio (SSMS) now brings expanded support for Azure SQL database including the latest SQL Database Update V12 (preview). We’ve made changes across the product to better leverage the expanded surface area of the platform, from enabling full database navigation of objects including support in the table designer to import/export functionality. Bringing this functionality into SSMS provides an easy way to discover and better leverage cloud capabilities in a familiar environment.

More details including a link for download of SSMS are here.

Additionally, as a preview release, we are making available the SQL Server database tooling integrated into Visual Studio. Like the SSMS update, this release updates the toolset for Azure SQL Database, adding support for the latest Azure SQL Database Update V12 (preview).

More details and a link for download of this preview are here.

With these updated client-based tools, you can now explore and utilize Azure SQL Database, including the preview of the Latest Version of Azure SQL Database in a high-productivity, familiar environment for many of our customers. Download the updates, try out the experiences and let us know what you think!