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Azure SQL Data Warehouse provides frictionless development using SQL Server Data Tools

The highest requested feature for SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW) is now in preview with the support for Visual Studio SQL Server Data Tool (SSDT)!

The highly requested feature for SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW) is now in preview with the support for SQL Server Data Tool (SSDT) in Visual Studio! Teams of developers can now collaborate over a single, version-controlled codebase and quickly deploy changes to any instance in the world. SQL DW is a flexible, secure, and fully managed analytics platform for the enterprise optimized for running complex queries quickly across petabytes of data.

Currently, change management and deployment for SQL DW is a non-trivial effort where customers must build SQL and PowerShell scripts. This becomes an unmanageable experience as modern data warehouse solutions can have over hundreds of data pipelines and thousands of database objects. This issue is exacerbated as data warehouse deployments typically have multiple environments for development, tests, and production. A stable continuous integration and deployment process becomes critical at this point.

With SSDT, database project support enables a first-class enterprise-grade development experience for your modern data warehouse. You can check data warehouse scripts into source control and leverage Microsoft Azure DevOps within Visual Studio. As your business requirements around data evolve, increase your development velocity with SQL DW by seamlessly applying and deploying changes using features such as schema compare and publish, all within a single tool. You can now save weeks of development efforts with SSDT and begin employing best practices with database DevOps and SQL DW. Gone are the days where you and your team must manually script and manage unstable continuous integration and deployment pipelines with SQL DW.

Database project support

SSDT - Target Platform

Source control integration using Azure DevOps with Azure Repos

SSDT - Azure Devops

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Interested in joining? This feature is available for preview today! Simply register by visiting the SQL Data Warehouse Visual Studio SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) – Preview Enrollment form. Given the high demand, we are managing acceptance into preview to ensure the best experience for our customers. Once you sign up, our goal is to confirm your status within seven business days.

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