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Announcing the 1.0.1-alpha preview of Microsoft Azure WebJobs SDK

We're releasing another preview of the Microsoft Azure WebJobs SDK!

We’re releasing another preview of the Microsoft Azure WebJobs SDK! To learn more about the previous release, check out this announcement post. This most recent release contains one new feature and several bug fixes.

Downloads in this release

You can download the WebJobs SDK from the NuGet gallery and can install or update these packages from the NuGet gallery using the NuGet Package Manager Console using the following command:

Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs -Pre

To use Microsoft Azure Service Bus triggers, use the following command to install the package:

Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.ServiceBus -Pre

Updates in this preview

This update contains several bug fixes and we are highlighting a few here.

  • Blob Triggers are not triggered for new or updated blobs– There have been reports of Blob Triggers not working and we identified the root cause of the issue! Our findings indicate that the SDK was not listening for all the Azure Storage blob events and wasn’t able to detect new or updated blobs in some cases. An example of this is Azure WebJob not processing all Blobs. Some other ways of experiencing this issue is if you were using PutBlock or PutBlockList or uploading blobs using Visual Studio Server Explorer.
  • Instance methods can be triggered by the SDK– Starting with this release, the SDK will index both static and non-static methods.

The following is a valid function definition:

public class Functions
    public void ProcessQueue([QueueTrigger("input")] string input)


Samples for WebJobs SDK can be found at https://github.com/Azure/azure-webjobs-sdk-samples . Some samples include:

  • How to use triggers and bindings for blobs, tables, queues and Service Bus
  • PhluffyShuffy where a customer can upload pictures that trigger functions to process the pictures from blob storage
  • PhluffyLogs where a WebJob parses log files generated by the app and archives the log files


Deploying WebJobs with SDK to Azure Websites

Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 with Azure SDK 2.4 added Visual Studio Tooling support to publish WebJobs to Azure Websites. For more information, see How to Deploy Azure WebJobs to Azure Websites

Give feedback and get help

If you have questions, you can ask them on the Azure forum, the ASP.NET forum, or StackOverflow.com. Use #AzureWebJobs SDK for Twitter and the tag Azure-WebJobsSDK for StackOverflow.