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Announcing Azure Storage Node.js GA

We are pleased to announce the GA release (version 1.0.1) of the Azure Storage Node Client Library.

We are pleased to announce the general availbility release (version 1.0.1) of the Azure Storage Node Client Library. You can find the package on npm and the sources on GitHub.

Over the past few months, we shipped multiple key features in the preview releases leading to the GA release. Thanks go out to all our customers and partners who have participated in our preview releases and provided valuable feedback. The generally available release now supports all features included in the 2015-04-05 REST version including recent support for the following features.

  • AccountSAS and IPACL

  • File metrics

  • Typescript

  • AppendBlob

  • getMessage/peekMessage API for queues

Please see our Getting Started Docs and the reference documentation to check out all these new features and learn how you can get started with the Node.js client library. The release has some breaking changes, so to help transition from older versions of the library, please review the Breaking Changes logs.

In addition, we added samples in our Azure Storage samples repository for Node.js that make it easier to get started building Node.js applications on Azure Blob, Table, File and Queue Storage. We also included a sample that demonstrates how to build a web application with CORS.

Azure Storage CLI (which is Node.js based) releases are also now compiled against the generally available version and newer versions of the Node.js library to help assure the latest and best cross platform scripting experiences.

As always, we continue to do our work in the public GitHub development branch for visibility and transparency. We already have another release (1.1.0) ready for you to try out and are working on building additional code samples to help you further with the Storage service and the Node.js library capabilities. If you have any requests on specific scenarios you'd like to see as samples, please let us know or feel free to contribute as a valued member of the node community. Community feedback is very important to us.

Thank you,

Dinesh Murthy, Vincent Jiang, HaiBo Song, Yang Xia and the Azure Storage Team