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Azure Security Expert Series: Best practices from Ann Johnson

lundi 17 juin 2019

With more computing environments moving to the cloud, the need for stronger cloud security has never been greater. But what constitutes effective cloud security, and what best practices should you be following? We are excited to launch the Azure security expert series on June 19th, for security operations and IT professionals. Kicking off with Ann Johnson, CVP of Cybersecurity for Microsoft, and other industry experts in discussions on a wide range of cloud security topics.

Senior Director

Azure Stack IaaS – part ten

lundi 17 juin 2019

One of the best things about running your VMs in Azure or Azure Stack is you can begin to modernize around your virtual machines (VMs) by taking advantage of the services provided by the cloud.

Principal PM Manager, Azure Stack

Les clients bénéficient d’une sécurité inégalée avec les charges de travail Windows Server et SQL Server dans Azure

jeudi 13 juin 2019

Des clients tels que Allscripts, Chevron, J.B. Hunt et des milliers d’autres migrent leurs charges de travail importantes vers Azure où ils bénéficient d’une sécurité inégalée. Bien que la compréhension de la sécurité dans le cloud préoccupe au départ beaucoup de personnes, les clients nous expliquent souvent que la sécurité qu’ils peuvent configurer dans Azure est plus facile à implémenter et bien plus complète que ce qu’ils peuvent faire dans d’autres environnements.

General Manager, Microsoft Azure

Make your data science workflow efficient and reproducible with MLflow

jeudi 13 juin 2019

When data scientists work on building a machine learning model, their experimentation often produces lots of metadata: metrics of models you tested, actual model files, as well as artifacts such as plots or log files. They often try different models and parameters, for example random forests of varying depth, linear models with different regularization rates, or deep learning models with different architectures trained using different learning rates.

Senior Program Manager

Learn by example: How IoT solutions transform industries

jeudi 13 juin 2019

Businesses often face similar challenges, from improving productivity and creating a positive customer experience to reducing costs and increasing revenue. By turning to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, organizations across industries can use data to drive insights and actions, ultimately transforming their business model, increasing their bottom line, and improving customer experiences.

Director, Channel Marketing

Three ways to get notified about Azure service issues

jeudi 13 juin 2019

Preparing for the unexpected is part of every IT professional’s and developer’s job. Although rare, service issues like outages and planned maintenance do occur. There are many ways to stay informed, but we’ve identified three effective approaches that have helped our customers respond quickly to service issues and mitigate downtime.

Program Manager, Azure Service Health