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Azure Maps Creator v1 preview will be retired on 6 September 2021

Published date: July 14, 2021

Azure Maps Creator version 2.0 is now generally available (GA), version 1.0 will retire on 6 September 2021. Please transition to using version 2.0 by that date. This retirement will affect version 1.0 of Conversion, Dataset, Tileset, Feature State, and Web Feature APIs. We encourage you to make the switch sooner to gain the richer benefits of Azure Maps Creator version 2.0

Required action

Transition to version 2.0 of Azure Maps Creator before 6 September 2021.

If you're currently using Creator services (Preview) version 1.0, please note that:

  • Conversion results generated from Conversion API version 1.0 can't be passed as input to Dataset Create API version 2.0. It's recommended that you create new conversions using Conversion version 2.0.
  • Existing drawing packages, datasets, feature states, and tilesets that were created using Azure Maps Creator version 1.0 are usable with the Creator service version 2.0.
  • The retirement of version 1.0 doesn't impact applications built with the Azure Maps Web SDK.

If you're currently using Data service version 1.0, please note that:

  • Drawing packages intended for Creator Conversion API version 2.0 should be using the new data format type 'dwgzippackage'.
  • All data that has been uploaded using API version 1.0 is be usable with Creator service and Spatial APIs.

Help and Support

If you're working with a Microsoft Customer Success Manager or a Microsoft Partner, please reach out to the individual. If you have a support plan and you need technical help, please create a support request.

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