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Management and governance

Manage and secure your hybrid cloud resources with tools built into Azure

Get built-in Azure management and governance tools that help your system administrators and developers keep your resources secure and compliant, both on-premises and in the cloud. Monitor infrastructure and applications, provision and configure resources, update apps, analyze threats, backup resources, build disaster recovery, apply policies, automate processes, and even manage costs—throughout your IT lifecycle.

Find the Management products you need

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Get visibility into the status of Azure platform components Azure Surveillance
Monitor and diagnose network issues Network Watcher
Automate, configure, and update your resources Automatisation
Get personalized recommendations to help manage your Azure environment Conseiller Azure
Deploy and manage your Azure resources Azure Gestionnaire de ressources
Simplifier le déplacement de ressources multiples entre les régions Azure Azure Resource Mover
Create, maintain, and invoke scheduled work for your apps Planificateur
Route incoming traffic for better performance and availability Gestionnaire de trafic
Manage Azure using a command-line experience Cloud Shell
Manage deployed solutions for your customers Applications gérées par Azure
Personalize and manage your Azure environment Portail Microsoft Azure
Stay connected to your Azure resources from anywhere at anytime Application mobile Azure
Permettre aux fournisseurs de services de gérer leurs clients à grande échelle et avec précision Azure Lighthouse
Get transparency into what you’re spending on cloud resources Contrôle des coûts
Set policies across resources and monitor compliance Politique Azure
Activation de la création répétée et rapide d’environnements gérés Azure Blueprint
Déployer des tableaux de bord Grafana en tant que service Azure complètement managé Grafana géré par Azure
Back up your resources and protect against data loss Sauvegarde Azure
Deliver highly available virtual machines with built-in disaster recovery Récupération de sites Azure
Secure your resources and protect against threats Centre de sécurité

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