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    May 2019

    18 May

    Azure App Service Basic, Standard, Premium v2 Plans Resource GUID change

    On 1st July 2019, some resource GUIDs for Azure App Service Basic, Standard and Premium v2 Plans will change as the global region resource GUIDs will break out into regional resource GUIDs.

    7 May

    New networking features for App Service Linux are now in preview

    New networking capabilities to enable Linux apps to access resources securely are now available in preview.

    7 May
    7 May
    7 May

    Azure App Service new full screen experience is now available

    App Service is offering a new, full screen experience that simplifies the application creation and publishing workflow.

    April 2019

    10 Apr

    App Service Migration Assistant for ASP.NET applications is now available

    Easily migrate existing .NET applications to Azure App Service with the new Migration Assistant

    3 Apr

    Public preview: Windows Server 2019 container support in Azure App Service

    Windows Server 2019 Container Support is now available in the public preview of Windows Containers on Azure App Service.

    March 2019

    27 Mar

    Public preview: Windows Server container support in Azure App Service

    Windows Server containers in Azure App Service are now available in public preview.

    15 Mar

    Azure Security Center update: Azure App Service recommendation improvements

    Azure App Service security recommendations have been improved to provide greater accuracy and environment compatibility.

    February 2019

    26 Feb

    Azure App Service - WildFly on Linux is in preview

    WildFly on Azure App Service on Linux is now in preview. Run Java EE apps on Azure and take advantage of the Azure infrastructure for security and scalability.

    October 2018

    31 Oct

    Azure App Service Deployment Center now available

    Azure App Service Deployment Center is now available. The Deployment Center is a centralised overview for all the deployment methods supported by your app and a guided experience for configuring Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment.

    31 Oct
    31 Oct

    App Service sites running Python 3.4.1 being updated to Python 3.6.6

    Starting on 12th November and running through 15th December, Azure App Service hosted on Windows will upgrade all Python sites running Python 3.4.1 to instead run Python 3.6.6.

    September 2018

    24 Sep

    Public preview: Undelete for App Service

    The undelete feature in Azure App Service is now in public preview.

    24 Sep

    Azure App Service

    Azure App Service updates from Microsoft Ignite

    24 Sep

    Tomcat for Azure App Service on Linux now generally available

    Azure App Service on Linux now supports Apache Tomcat 8.5 and 9. Azure App Service for Tomcat on Linux allows developers to quickly build, deploy and scale their Tomcat web applications on a fully managed Linux-based service.

    24 Sep

    Bring your own storage to App Service on Linux

    App Service now supports the ability for customers to bring additional storage accounts to their Linux web apps

    August 2018

    21 Aug

    Avoid downtime due to Docker scheduled maintenance

    Docker has scheduled a maintenance window for Docker Hub on Saturday, August 25. To avoid potential impact to your Web App for Containers apps, please review the recommendations in our team blog.

    8 Aug

    .NET Framework 4.7.2 update coming to Azure App Service apps

    The .NET Framework 4.7.2 update is scheduled to deploy to Azure App Service apps gradually during September 2018.

    3 Aug

    PHP minor version update for September 2018

    In September 2018, Azure App Service will update the PHP stacks to the latest available versions.