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Azure Space

Combine the possibilities of space with the power of the cloud

Extend Azure capabilities anywhere in the world with space infrastructure

Azure Space is the platform and ecosystem of choice for the mission needs of the space community and beyond. It's designed to make cloud connectivity and compute increasingly attainable across industries including agriculture, energy, telecommunications, and government.

Extract and leverage data collected from space to transform entire industries and create new paradigms. Azure Space helps you unlock powerful connectivity, analytics, and emulation possibilities for your customers through partnerships, space data, collaboration tools, and Microsoft services and capabilities.

Combine the possibilities of space with the power of the cloud

Extend Azure capabilities through ubiquitous connectivity, space data and AI, and developer tools.

A row of six satellites in a field

Connect to the cloud anywhere on the planet

Downlink data without building or managing your own satellite ground station infrastructure with the Azure Orbital Ground Station platform.

Build cloud access points anywhere in the world by leveraging the power of 5G through satellite connectivity.

A satellite in space taking imagery of an island’s coastline

Discover insights from space data

Accelerate time to insight with Earth observation data using Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure AI, and real-time tasking with Azure Orbital Ground Station.

Leverage the broad Microsoft partner ecosystem, which includes both data and analytics providers, to gather insights from high-resolution and extremely fresh data.

Satellite imagery pinpointing a specific truck out of a fleet

Maintain business continuity

Use your preferred tools and languages to develop for space.

Develop space applications faster and more securely with Microsoft tools.

Develop and deploy new software-based space capabilities in weeks, not years.

A radome

Connect to and from space reliably

Choose when and where you connect to the cloud and reduce upfront investments through expansive global coverage from the Azure Orbital (preview) ground station platform.

A person sitting at a desk and looking at a mobile phone

Streamline space data processing

Build streamlined data processing pipelines in the cloud to manage petabyte scale data with Azure data services.

Reduce costs with free backhaul of space data to Azure from Earth observation ground stations.

Start your digital transformation and expand your customer base by optimizing data collection and focusing on new data-driven solutions.

People working at a row of desks in an office

Develop for space faster

Offer end-to-end on-orbit edge processing solutions on Azure.

Build and publish a real-time spacecraft simulation that interacts with on-orbit applications being tested in the cloud.

Enable your developers to use their preferred tools to develop for space, taking advantage of cloud and edge developer tooling and Microsoft developer support.

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Learn more about products and services for Azure Space

Azure Orbital Ground Station

Ground station service that provides communication with and control of your satellite.

Azure Monitor

Azure Orbital analytics reference architecture

This reference architecture articulates how to apply artificial intelligence over satellite imagery at scale using Azure resources including Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, Apache Spark pools, Azure Data Share, Azure Batch, and Azure Container Registry.

Azure software radio developer virtual machine (preview)

The Azure software radio developer VM accelerates software-defined radio (SDR) application development on Azure.

Get the latest Azure Space news and resources

A satellite flying over Earth

Explore videos, photos, and audio about Azure Space.

A dark view of the Earth with lit up spots around cities in North and South America

Learn how Microsoft is bringing cloud computing to space.

Frequently asked questions

  • Azure Space is a set of products and services that are powered by key partnerships and designed to meet the needs of the space community.

  • The space community is growing rapidly, and innovation is lowering the barriers of access for public- and private-sector organizations. Microsoft wants to make space connectivity and compute more accessible for industries like agriculture, energy, telecommunications, and government.

Explore Azure Orbital Ground Station

Learn how Azure Orbital Ground Stationprovides fast and direct data ingestion with processing in Azure.