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Responsible AI with Azure

Develop, use, and govern AI solutions responsibly with Azure AI.

Confidently scale the next generation of safe, responsible AI applications

Azure AI empowers organizations to scale AI with confidence and turn responsible AI into a competitive advantage.

Microsoft experts in AI research, policy, and engineering collaborate to develop practical tools and methodologies that support AI security, privacy, safety and quality and embed them directly into the Azure AI platform. With built-in tools and configurable controls for AI governance, you can shift from reactive risk management to a more agile, responsible-by-design approach that accelerates innovation.

Innovate with confidence

Confidently scale AI across your organization with industry-leading technologies and best practices that help manage risk, improve accuracy, protect privacy, reinforce transparency, and simplify compliance.

Seamlessly integrate best practices

Empower cross-functional teams to build the next generation of AI applications safely, using built-in tools and templates that help integrate responsible AI in open-source, MLOps, and generative AI workflows.

Build on a trusted foundation

Deliver more trustworthy applications by using enterprise-grade privacy, security, and compliance capabilities developed by experts across Microsoft research, policy, and engineering for the era of AI.

Build responsibly for trusted outcomes

Operationalize responsible AI to deliver trusted outcomes. Assess models for fairness, reliability, and explainability

Make real-time, data-driven decisions with confidence. Monitor and optimize AI model performance in production

Protect and govern your machine learning assets for transparency, accountability, and compliance across stakeholder groups

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Customers are putting responsible AI into practice

"With Azure Machine Learning and the Responsible AI dashboard, we have the tools we need to understand, refine, and explain our outcomes so we can better serve our patients."

Dr. Justin Green, Leadership and Management Fellow at Health Education England North & Orthopedic Surgical Registrar

A doctor sitting with a patient and reviewing their health data on a tablet
"With model interpretability in Azure Machine Learning, we have a high degree of confidence that our machine learning model is generating meaningful and fair results."

Daniel Engberg, Head of Data Analytics and AI, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

A flight attendant standing in front of a Scandinavian Airlines plane
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