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Managed Disks

Persistent, secured disk storage for Azure Virtual Machines

Simplified management

Specify the type of Storage (Premium or Standard) and the size needed, and Azure will create and manage the managed disks for you.

Scalable virtual machine deployments

Create thousands of managed disks simultaneously in minutes with a single Azure subscription. Create up to 1,000 virtual machines in a single scale set to deploy a single large cluster, for example a large-scale Hadoop or DataSynapse deployment.

More secure

Apply granular access control on your managed disks using Azure Role-Based Access Control. Grant access to only the operations needed to perform a job.

Highly durable and available

Simultaneously replicate your data to three different replicas. If one replica experiences issues, two others can take over to help ensure persistence of your data and high tolerance against failures.

Multiple storage options

Choose Premium SSD (solid-state drive) Managed Disks for production and performance-sensitive workloads where low latency and high throughput are critical. Select Standard SSD Managed Disks for low-IOPs workloads that demand consistent performance and cost-effective development and testing. Use Standard HDD (hard disk drive) Managed Disks for non-critical workloads that require infrequent access.

Easy migration

Easily migrate your Standard Managed Disks to Premium Managed Disks, as well as your existing Azure Resource Manager virtual machines to Managed Disks, with a single reboot. Conveniently schedule the migration during a pre-existing maintenance window, which can be completed in minutes.

Migrate to Managed Disks

Point-in-time backup

Back up your managed disks as point-in-time snapshots. Create new managed disks later with snapshots that exist independently of the source disk.

Simple custom image management

Create a managed custom image from your virtual hard-drive or from running virtual machines. Use the custom image to create multiple virtual machines or multiple large scale sets in the same region.


Encrypt your data using Azure Disk Encryption with customer-managed or Microsoft-managed keys.

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