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Azure Disk Storage

High-performance, highly durable block storage for Azure Virtual Machines.

Choose the right disk storage for your performance and price needs

Designed to be used with Azure Virtual Machines and Azure VMware Solution, Azure Disk Storage offers high-performance, durable block storage for your mission- and business-critical applications. Confidently migrate to Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) with disk storage options built for the cloud—–Ultra Disk Storage, Premium SSD v2, Premium SSD, Standard SSD, and Standard HDD—to optimize costs and performance for your workload. Get sub-millisecond latency for high-throughput and transaction-intensive workloads such as SAP HANASQL Server, and Oracle.

Cost-effective disk storage

Run clustered or high-availability applications cost effectively in the cloud using shared disks.

Unmatched resiliency

Get consistent enterprise-grade durability with a 0% annual failure rate.

Seamless scalability

Meet demand without performance disruption by using Ultra Disk Storage.

Built-in security

Secure your data with automatic encryption using Microsoft-managed keys or your own.


Maximize your investment and business impact

Optimize costs and get the precise amount of disk storage you need for your workloads. Disk options come in sizes from 4 GB to 64 TB at a variety of price points and performance characteristics. Reduce time and costs for backup and disaster recovery with incremental snapshots, which are point-in-time backups for disks that consist of only the changes between snapshots. Lift and shift your Windows and Linux-based clustered or high-availability applications to Azure with shared disks, keeping your architecture as-is and reducing storage costs.

Ensure business continuity and minimize disruptions

Run business-critical applications and avoid costly downtime with redundancy options, including zone-redundant storage which copies your data across multiple zones in a region and protects your disks in the event of a zone failure.

 Azure offers single-instance service-level agreements (SLA) for all disk types, with a best-in-class single-instance SLA of 99.9 percent availability for Azure Virtual Machines using Premium SSD or Ultra Disk Storage. Minimize disruption to your business with support from Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.

Scale easily and quickly with the performance you need

Get the performance and capacity you need and scale from gigabytes to petabytes of storage. Scale performance on-demand with performance tiers and built-in bursting capabilities to meet business needs. Achieve high performance even at low storage capacities—Azure Ultra Disk Storage and Premium SSD v2 have the flexibility to configure your IOPS (input/output operations per second), throughput, and capacity independently. Create and manage disks easily by selecting the disk type and size.

Help protect your most valuable data

Safeguard sensitive data with the encryption option that meets your security and compliance requirements, including encryption-at-rest, encryption-in-transit, and double-encryption for enhanced security. Restrict access to your data by using Azure Private Link to allow import and export only from your private Azure virtual network. Manage and control access to your data by assigning specific permissions with Azure role-based access control.

Use cases and workloads

Relational databases

Scale to meet your performance needs for handling top-tier databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP HANA.

NoSQL databases

Get consistent low latency for latency-sensitive NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, and CouchDB.

Backup and disaster recovery

Minimize disruptions, lower costs, and reduce time spent on backup and recovery with point-in-time snapshots and solutions built by Microsoft partners.

Clustered applications

Easily migrate your on-premises Windows- and Linux-based clustered or high-availability applications to Azure. Run your most demanding enterprise applications—such as clustered databases, parallel file systems, persistent containers, and machine learning applications—in the cloud.

Containerized workloads

Take advantage of high-performance, low-latency block storage for mission-critical stateful applications running in Kubernetes.

Azure VMware Solution

Access high-performance, durable block storage on Azure for your data-intensive and transaction-heavy workloads running on Azure VMware Solution. Scale your storage on-demand and independent of compute resources, enabling you to optimize costs. Learn more about disk pool.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

Get started with an Azure free account


Start free. Get USD 200 credit to use within 30 days. While you have your credit, get free amounts of many of our most popular services, plus free amounts of 55+ other services that are always free.


After your credit, move to pay as you go to keep building with the same free services. Pay only if you use more than your free monthly amounts.


After 12 months, you'll keep getting 55+ always-free services—and still pay only for what you use beyond your free monthly amounts.

Access more capabilities through Microsoft partners

Tap into a rich partner ecosystem offering a wide range of solutions for database migration, backup, and disaster recovery. Microsoft partners use the unique REST API support capability in Disk Storage to build solutions at lower costs.

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Carhartt's project included building a complete Commvault-based backup solution for the new SAP S/4HANA environments, Azure NetApp Files for high-performance file storage, and using Load Balancer to optimize application availability and performance.

"Once we implemented Ultra Disk Storage, we had our eureka moment. We knew our initial move to the cloud would be challenging; however, it was less daunting once we saw the throughput those disks could give us."

Matt Fleck, PLM Global Platform Manager, Procter & Gamble


.Chobani adopted Load Balancer to help deliver high availability and strong network performance. "We want to produce delicious, nutritious food without worrying about the software," said Parag Agrawal, Chief Information Officer.

"PSO2 had been running on a Windows server, so we had expected that the game would be compatible with Ultra Disk as well, and it was even better than that. Because Ultra Disk showed very high performance, we did not have any trouble in the migration and the tuning."

Mitsunori Fujimoto, Manager of the Development IT Support Team, SEGA Corporation


Within the networks on Azure and on-premises, the Eni SpA team deployed a dual-purpose load balancer and a network firewall. The next-generation load balancer acts as both a balancer and a web-application firewall.

"The speed of Azure Disk Storage is amazing to us. We've run tests with both flat files and databases, and we were floored time after time at how performant the underlying disk is."

Guy Speier, Vice President of Technology and Engineering, Pearson VUE


Pearl Abyss takes advantage of Load Balancer to direct traffic as players sign in to games. This helps keep play experiences stable as traffic increases—vital as Shadow Arena grows in popularity.

"Our tests with Azure Ultra Disk Storage have far surpassed our current production system—up to four times our current workload capacity. As a healthcare organization, we are breaking down barriers with Ultra Disk Storage and the M-series virtual machines."

Matt Douglas, Chief Enterprise Architect, Sentara Healthcare

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Documentation, training, and resources

Videos and webinars

Watch videos and on-demand Azure webinars for demos, best practices, and technical insights.

Azure Disk Storage videos

Webinar: Optimize Cloud Storage Costs

Webinar: Ultra Disk Storage

Webinar: Protect Your Critical Data and Apps

Documentation and quickstarts

Explore the Azure Disk Storage documentation for quickstarts, tutorials, and best practices.

Learn more about Premium SSD v2.

Find the right virtual machines and disk storage for your needs and budget with the virtual machine selector.

Blog and updates

Read the Azure blog and subscribe to 
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information about Azure Disk Storage.



Frequently asked questions about Disk Storage

  • Data disks on Ultra Disk Storage hold up to 64 TB per disk. Data disks on Premium SSD, Standard SSD, and Standard HDD hold up to 32 TB. The number of data disks you can use depends on the size of the virtual machine.

  • Each of the four disk types differs in performance characteristics, so you can configure your storage based on your application needs. Learn about performance guidelines for Ultra Disk Storage or Premium SSDs.

  • After you purchase a reservation, a discount is automatically applied to the disk resources that match the terms of your reservation. The reservation discount applies to disk SKUs only. Learn more about reservation discounts.

  • Bursting is enabled by default on new and existing deployments of the supported virtual machines and disks—no additional steps required. Learn more about bursting.

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