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Azure Stack Edge

An Azure managed device that brings the compute, storage, and intelligence of Azure to the edge.

Purpose-built hardware-as-a-service with Azure Stack Edge

Run your workloads and get quick actionable insights right at the edge where data is created using purpose-built hardware-as-a-service with Azure Stack Edge.

With easy ordering and fulfillment, you can manage your device from the cloud with standard Azure management tools

With Azure loT Edge, you can deploy and manage containers from loT Hub and integrate with Azure loT solutions at the edge with rugged options using Kubernetes with multi-node and virtual machine support

Bring hardware acceleration to a diverse set of Machine Learning workloads with NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU and Intel VPU

Keep a local cache of your Azure Storage account, utilizing the storage gateway to automatically upload

Get started easily with hardware-as-a-service and a seamless cloud-to-edge experience

Simply order your appliance from the Azure portal in a hardware-as-a-service model, paid monthly via your Azure subscription.

Get a seamless cloud-to-edge experience where you configure, monitor and update your Azure Stack Edge with the same management portal and development tools that you’ve come to expect from Azure.

An overview of device management in Azure

Run your applications at the edge close to the data

Run your containerized applications and VMs right at the edge where data is created and collected. Analyze, transform, and filter data at the edge, sending only the data you need to the cloud for further processing or storage.

Analyze your data for quick actionable insights with hardware accelerated AI/ML

Build and train Machine Learning models in Azure or use Azure Cognitive service, and then utilize the built-in NVIDIA T4 GPU or Intel VPU in the Mini R to accelerate the results locally. Upload the full dataset or a subset to the cloud to retrain your models and make your edge devices even smarter.

Transfer data efficiently and easily between the cloud and edge

Azure Stack Edge acts as a cloud storage gateway and enables eyes-off data transfers to Azure, while retaining local access to files. With its local cache capability and bandwidth throttling, to limit usage during peak business hours, Azure Stack Edge can be used to optimize your data transfers to Azure and back.

Choose the device best suited for the job

Azure Stack Edge Pro Series

Enterprise scale and performance for your edge workloads.

Azure Stack Edge Pro 2

Pro 2

Compact form factor optimized for edge and branch locations. Flexible mounting options.

Configuration options:

  • 32 vCPUs, 51 GB RAM, 720 GB
  • 32 vCPUs, 102 GB RAM, 1.6 TB, 1 NVIDIA A2 GPU
  • 32 vCPUs, 204 GB RAM, 2.5 TB, 2 NVIDIA A2 GPUs

All figures are customer usable capacity.

Azure Stack Edge Pro


1U rack-mountable appliance, optimized for conditions inside a data center or branch location.

Configuration options:

  • 40 vCPUs, 102 GB RAM, 4.2 TB, 1 NVIDIA T4 GPU
  • 40 vCPUs, 102 GB RAM, 4.2 TB, 2 NVIDIA T4 GPUs

All figures are customer usable capacity.

Azure Stack Edge Pro R

Pro R

Ruggedized datacenter-grade power with a built-in NVIDIA T4 GPU, in a transportable case for remote locations.

Available options: With or without Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).

Azure Stack Edge Mini Series

Designed for edge processing on the go.

Azure Stack Edge Mini R

Mini R

Ruggedized, battery-operated device-small enough to fit into a backpack-designed for harsh environments and disconnected scenarios. Includes a built-in Intel VPU for edge processing.

Use cases

Machine Learning at the edge

Azure Stack Edge helps you address latency or connectivity issues by processing data close to the source. Run Machine Learning models right at the edge locations. Transfer the data set you need, either the full data set or a subset, to Azure to retrain and continue to improve your model.

Internet of Things

Process, sort, analyze your IoT or datacenter data to determine what you can act on right away, what you need to keep and store in cloud, and what you don’t.

Network data transfer from the edge to the cloud

Easily and quickly transfer data to Azure for further compute or archival purposes or to expedite your cloud migration. Return the appliance to Microsoft when you’re done.

Edge and remote site compute

Run applications at remote locations to speed transactions and address bandwidth constraints. Local applications can still work when your connectivity to cloud is limited.

Regulatory compliance

Make sure the data you’re sending back to the cloud doesn’t violate any compliance regulations by using ML models to help alert you to potentially sensitive data and take action locally.

Azure Stack Edge and Azure AI Helping Stop Animal Trafficking

Take a look at how Azure Stack Edge for AI and machine learning workloads are being piloted, combining a 3D scanner with Azure AI models, at London’s Heathrow Airport, to prevent illegal wildlife trafficking.

Video container

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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See how customers are using Azure Stack Edge

"The on-premises nature of Azure Stack Edge and the Intel-based field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) make it really seamless for us to be able to integrate that device into part of our natural application."

T. Michael Thornton, Vice President R&D, Customer Solutions Business, Olympus


"I think an improvement of this magnitude comes roughly every 20, 30 years."

Cengiz Balkas, SVP & General Manager, Wolfspeed



AI in edge appliances promotes Autonomous Vessel in the maritime industry.

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