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Connect cloud and on-premises infrastructure and services, to provide your customers and users the best possible experience

Support your hybrid or all-in cloud strategy using networking services built on one of the largest fiber network backbones. Get the most from your Azure or open-source solutions and workloads with highly reliable performance and secure connectivity.

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If you want to... Use this
Connect everything from virtual machines to incoming VPN connections Virtual Network
Balance inbound and outbound connections and requests to your applications or service endpoints Load Balancer
Optimise delivery from application server farms while increasing application security with a web application firewall Application Gateway
Securely use the internet to access Azure Virtual Networks with high performance VPN gateways VPN Gateway
Ensure ultra-fast DNS responses and ultra-high availability for all your domain needs Azure DNS
Accelerate the delivery of high-bandwidth content to customers worldwide—from applications and stored content to streaming video Content Delivery Network
Protect your Azure applications from the impacts of DDoS attacks Azure DDoS Protection
Distribute traffic optimally to services across global Azure regions, while providing high availability and responsiveness Traffic Manager
Add private network connectivity to access Microsoft cloud services from your corporate networks, as if they were on-premises residing in your own datacenter ExpressRoute
Monitor and diagnose conditions at a network scenario level Network Watcher

Customers are doing great things with Azure networking products

Industry leaders create a dynamic showcase for digital transformation

"Building on Azure gave us excellent insight into delivering a cloud-native, state-of-the-art solution from soup to nuts."
Premjith Manapetty, Technology and Architecture Head

Thread manufacturer spins its future in the cloud

"Azure gives us integrated tools that let us fully integrate and exploit our data."
Richard Cammish, Chief Information Officers

Top online retailer bets on Azure to provide a stellar experience for 15.4 million customers worldwide

"We can introduce new features and ramp up deployment wherever our customers are in the world."
Bob Strudwick, Chief Technology Officer

Roadmap for networking in Azure

Azure Global VNet Peering Generally Available

25 May 2018

We are excited to announce GA for Azure Global VNet Peering. Global VNet Peering allows you to peer virtual networks in different Azure regions to build a global private network in Azure.

  • Now available
  • Virtual Network

Azure Load Balancer standard HA Ports

19 April 2018

HA Ports, a premium offering of the Azure Standard Load Balancer, is now generally available. This will enable customers to configure a single load balancing rule to process traffic from all the protocols and ports, thus enabling deployment of services or appliances in high availability mode.

  • Now available
  • Standard Load Balancer

Load Balancer Standard

26 September 2017

Load Balancer Standard will allow you to create load balanced deployments with much greater scale, resiliency and ease of use for all your virtual machine instances inside a virtual network. 

  • In preview
  • Load Balancer