Network Appliances

Use your favourite network virtual appliances in Azure

Network appliances in Azure

Network appliances in Azure support network functionality and services in the form of virtual appliances (VMs) in the customer virtual networks and deployments. Both first-party and third-party network appliances are available. First-party network appliances include Azure VPN Gateway and Azure Application Gateway, which can be deployed and managed with the Azure service management APIs and related SDKs (PowerShell etc.). Third-party network appliances can be purchased and deployed from the Azure Marketplace.

Azure VPN Gateway

Azure VPN Gateway serves as the cross-premises gateway connecting your workloads in Azure Virtual Network to your on-premises sites. Azure VPN Gateways connect to on-premises sites through IPsec Site-to-Site (S2S) VPN tunnels. For IPsec/IKE VPN tunnels, the gateways perform IKE handshakes and establish the IPsec S2S VPN tunnels between the Virtual Networks and on-premises sites. Azure VPN Gateway also supports Point-to-Site (P2S) VPNs that allow customers to establish VPN client connectivity into their Virtual Networks in Azure from anywhere on the Internet.

Third-party network appliances in Azure

Azure also supports a broad list of third-party network appliances, including Web Application Firewall (WAF), firewalls, gateways/routers, Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and WAN optimiser. Customers can purchase and deploy these network appliances through the Azure Marketplace into their virtual networks and deployments.

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