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Ubuntu on Azure

Optimize your Ubuntu experience on Azure, delivered in partnership with Canonical.

Ubuntu on Azure

Ubuntu-based workloads are among the fastest growing on Azure.

Microsoft has partnered with Canonical to deliver an Azure-optimized kernel, improved performance, advanced security, automatic patching and updates, and flexible pricing options.

Ubuntu LTS Server

A genuine Ubuntu image that offers an Azure-optimized kernel designed for any workloads—with security patches and updates for the kernel and key infrastructure components, open-source application components, and 5-year support.

Ubuntu Pro for Azure

A premium image optimized for production workloads running on Azure—with kernel live patching and enhanced stability, security and compliance features—covering 26,000 open-source application components, and offering 10-year support.

Ubuntu Pro FIPS for Azure

The first and only FIPS 140-2 and CC-EAL certified image—built on Ubuntu Pro for Azure—that allows customers to meet government requirements and offers security hardening tools to enable runtime verification and re-hardening.

Ubuntu-based Kubernetes

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) offers secure and fully managed Kubernetes service—and lets customers seamlessly deploy and manage containerized apps across hybrid and multicloud environments through Azure Arc integration.

Optimized performance

Ubuntu on Azure runs on an Azure-optimized kernel that provides faster boot speed, better runtime performance, and advanced device support. All images come with improved device drivers such as Accelerated Networking and GPUs on Azure, offering consistent ultra-low network latency and maximizing virtual machine performance.

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Enhanced security

Ubuntu on Azure offers automatic security patches and updates for key infrastructure and software components. Ubuntu Pro provides advanced features such as kernel live patching—delivering kernel updates in real time without the need for reboot.

The Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) offered by Ubuntu tracks and patches all high and critical Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) for the entire collection of software packages delivered with Ubuntu.

Migration assessment

The AKS Migration Assessment is a comprehensive consulting package to assess your readiness and help you plan your enterprise app modernization and migration to Azure and AKS. Start with the one-week assessment and then move on to build a modernization and migration implementation plan.

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Frequently asked questions about Ubuntu on Azure

  • Published by Canonical, Ubuntu is an open-source Linux distribution for servers, desktops, cloud and IoT. Ubuntu offers premium images optimized for public cloud with improved performance, enhanced security and extended support. Ubuntu is used and trusted by millions of developers to build applications and innovate.

  • The benefits of Ubuntu on Azure include:

    • Azure-optimized kernel and user space components built from the latest releases.
    • Enhanced security and compliance features with Ubuntu Pro and Pro FPIS for Azure.
    • The broadest open-source application portfolio—Ubuntu ships over 30,000 Debian packages.
  • Use Ubuntu on Azure if you're looking for features like:

    • 5 years of free LTS security maintenance that can be extended to 10 years.
    • Full-stack 24 hour/7 days a week support from Canonical.
    • Certified compliance for FIPS and security hardening tools.
    • Enhanced security such as kernel live patching and Extended Security Maintenance offered by Canonical.
  • Ubuntu images are available through the Azure Marketplace. It's easy to get started!

    Launch Ubuntu LTS Server now

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