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Azure IoT Security

Advance Internet of Things innovation and strengthen your security posture with end-to-end security for your IoT solutions.

All of the possibility that IoT offers – with less of the risk

Minimise IoT security concerns and protect your people, processes and data from threats with integrated IoT SIEM (security information and event management), SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response) and extended detection and response (XDR) solutions for every part of your deployment, including your cloud services and devices.

Harden devices with hardware security, multi-layer software defences, IoT device monitoring and renewable security.

Secure connections with encryption and certificate-based authentication.

Protect cloud services with security-first Azure infrastructure, privacy controls and comprehensive compliance offerings.

Empower security teams with agentless asset discovery and threat detection, SIEM/SOAR, XDR and security posture management tools.

Reduce complexity with integrated device, service and business application solutions that minimise weaknesses.

Get expertise and guidance that other IoT security companies can’t offer from Microsoft and our world-class partners.

Achieve true end-to-end IoT security with Azure

Attackers try to compromise IoT solutions by identifying security weaknesses, so building security into every part of your IoT solution is essential for minimising risks to your data, business assets and reputation.

Take advantage of built-in security, visibility and control for every part of your IoT solution. Help prevent security breaches and weak spots in your devices and services with security by design and get stack-ranked suggestions for new security improvements that you can implement. Monitor the health of all of your IoT devices in near real time, block compromised devices and find and eliminate threats with easy-to-follow steps ranked by importance. Plus, get configuration suggestions to help you continually improve your overall Internet of Things security posture.

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Bring secure IoT solutions to your organisation

Keeping your IoT solutions secure is the best way to ensure that you can rely on your connected equipment and products. Get connected devices, software and services that span your IoT needs and come with built in IoT security – plus guidance on how to select and implement the right solutions for your organisation.

Stay ahead of compliance issues

Rely on Microsoft to keep track of new standards and government policies and help you ensure that you’re always one step ahead of the latest compliance standards.

Access turn-key security solutions

Build an end-to-end system with IoT solutions that are designed to work together – and to help you effortlessly integrate IoT security, visibility and control for every part of your deployment.

Get personalised partner guidance

Microsoft partners bring domain-specific knowledge and Internet of Things security expertise to every customer’s IoT use case and deployment.

Determine the right IoT security solutions for your needs

Due to the complexity of IoT security, figuring out the most effective way to focus your resources can pose a challenge. One way to determine the right course of action for your organisation is with security maturity modelling.

To help organisations successfully employ security maturity modelling, Microsoft partnered with the Industrial Internet Consortium Security Applicability Task Group to create the IoT Security Maturity Model.

This model provides a framework for understanding maturity targets, measuring your organisation’s current maturity state and determining the right solutions for addressing security gaps. The information that you glean from security maturity modelling can be used to facilitate communication with business stakeholders and rally support for moving forward with a comprehensive IoT security plan.

Read the latest version of the IoT Security Maturity Model Description and Intended Use white paper.

Find individuals and companies that have received training from the IoT Security Maturity Model.

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Protect both managed and unmanaged IoT and operational technology devices with agentless asset discovery, vulnerability management and threat detection.

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Get a bird’s-eye view of IT, IoT and operational technology security plus intelligent security analytics for your entire enterprise with the industry’s first cloud-native SIEM/SOAR platform on a major public cloud.

Azure IoT Central

Reduce risk with security posture management, and threat monitoring and remediation.

Azure Sphere

Actively protect your devices with a comprehensive IoT security solution that includes hardware, OS and cloud components.

Azure IoT Edge

Ensure that your devices have the right software and that only authorised edge devices can communication with one another.

Azure IoT Hub

Enable highly secure and reliable communication between your IoT applications and the devices it manages.

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